28 Day Fat Loss Jumpstart Challenge

Are you ready to start over for the last time?

Having worked with many people over the past decade (and some) I am well aware of what it takes to be successful at fitness and fatloss. And I also know what it takes to ensure failure is the only outcome.

You see… failure starts with that thing between your ears. Your brain. 

It makes up excuses as to why something isn’t possible or it isn't "the right time" or or why you can’t afford it or why it can’t work for you.

And it’s so convincing that you believe it.

My goal with this challenge is to help you eradicate the behaviours that keep you stuck and perpetrate half arsed results with your fitness endeavours. Because honestly, I’m tired of watching people become victims to their own lives and circumstances. 

I’m here to help you take back control.

This program is a fat loss challenge at the core, but it will also address many life issues that have held you back, prevented you from taking action, and kept you from sticking to any of the fitness plans you tried so far. You will leave this program with a much deeper understanding of yourself and what drives you, stops you, and how to be successful in anything you wish to pursue.


What can you expect with this challenge?

  • You'll lose some fat. How much you'll lose depends on several factors and it's not fair of me to set unrealistic expectations. Just know that everyone who went through this challenge shrunk considerably...  and kept on doing so for several weeks after the challenge was over. 
  • Detailed meal plans and instructions released at weekly intervals so as to not overwhelm you with too much information all at once. It's important that you follow the program in the correct sequence. It's so tempting to skip to the last page or chop and change what you do just because you like what you see further ahead. But, trust me, if you follow the sequence exactly as it's laid out you'll reap the most benefits.
  • Recipe ideas for each phase of the challenge to help you fuel your fat loss while giving your body the nourishment it needs and loves.
  • Workouts that you can do safely at home with or without any equipment. 
  • Daily lessons addressing the mental challenges that have kept you from being successful or sustaining success in the past.
  • My 😈 "Week of Hell" 😈 - This is form of extreme calorie restriction that can 10x your fatloss results, but it should only be attempted if you're ready for it (I'll help you discern if you are).
  • A new outlook on what’s possible in your life that extends far beyond food and weight loss (I’m incorporating a lot of components of life coaching into this program).
  • New levels of confidence that’ll have you feeling you can dominate any area of your life you choose!

People who took part in this challenge before experienced significant fatloss not just during the 4 short weeks of the challenge, but for several weeks afterwards. They also reported sleeping better and generally feeling good within themselves.

Although you'll be mostly on your own as you do this, the challenge is really simple to follow and you'll be given everything you need to complete it: workbooks, workouts, recipes and mindset tips.

Why didn't I say that you'll be "totally" on your own? 

Because when you sign up you'll have the opportunity to get support from me.  😉

BEFORE you hand over your money, please read the T&C below carefully. By signing up for the challenge you explicitly agree to abide by them. 

IMPORTANT: make sure to give me permission to send you emails so I can notify you when new content is available

That's it. 

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