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If you landed here it's because you've been following me on social media and you're already in my orbit. 

Welcome! 🤗

The biggest part of what I do with clients is the coaching, the personal touch, whether it's within a group setting or on a one to one basis.

However, I find that there is only so much that we can cover during a call and a large component of what I teach is more easily digested when studied in your own time.

The TOTT e-Academy is where all your learning materials are safely stored for you to access when convenient so we can always make the most of our time together and focus on creating strategies that are truly your own.

Let's make fitness and weight loss a happy journey together!

Cristina 🤘🖤

Available Courses

Fit'n'Fab In Midlife

My FREE guide will show you how to navigate midlife so that "the changes" won't control you!

Tips for Fitness Success

This FREE short email series will help you realign your thoughts with your actions to ensure fitness success.

28 Day Fat Loss Jumpstart Challenge

The gentle way to jumpstart your fatloss for noticeable and long lasting results. Self paced.

Boost Your Fatloss Results With Help From Your Body Type

A mini-course to help you boost your fatloss results by honouring your body type.

8 Mindset Tweaks for Effortless Weight Loss

My e-book will show you how to get your heart and mind on the same page so your weight loss journey becomes a happy one.

The SUPER Simple Fitness e-Planner

Incorporate new habits into your current lifestyle by making a killer plan and then FOLLOW IT with help from my e-book!

Bone Bruising E-Book

This is my story of how I healed from severe bone bruising despite being told that I wouldn't. 

The TOTT e-Lounge Fitness Community

Ready to reclaim control of your body, stop the middle age spread and feel ageless again... at your own pace? Join us!

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